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Vintage Vees @ Grattan w/ VSCDA

Overall this was a successful event for us.  The weather was great (our first time in Michigan), Grattan is a fantastic track (although a tad rough), and the car was reliable, requiring only a few minor tweaks.  We learned that the FormCar is slow compared to other cars in the pack – it is pretty much stock 1962, while everyone else has a tad more oomph, as you’ll see on the video down the main straight.  That’ll change soon enough with new exhaust and some fan belt ‘modifications’.

I will mention that while we had a good time on the track, the weekend was marred by an on-track fatality at turn one, which I won’t go into now.  Both Don and myself are thinking the next $1,000 we spend on racing will be for a HANS (or HANS similar) device for safety.  If you’re on a track, you need one.  I’ve always been told that, but now I’ve seen the situation without one up close and real, and it changed the priority of obtaining a HANS setup.

Here’s a video of Don during qualifying (sorry, screwed up the audio, but you can hum along). More to follow when I get some free time to write.

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