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Ebay + Impluse buyer

A few weekends ago, Don calls me up and calmly informs me he has bought a Formula Ford. He explains this racecar was on ebay and was cheap. We both convince each other, then his wife, that it is a great deal. We mostly do this by searching for similar cars on and ebay, disregarding all the cheaper cars, and printing out all the really expensive ones that are probably in much better shape than the car Don just bought on a Saturday night after one too many caffeinated drinks and playing xbox racing games.

Ebay picture of the Lola T-440 Formula Ford
Lola T-440, Ebay picture

Having been talked into buying two cars recently by Don (the Porsche 912 last July, and the BMW a month ago), I quickly fall into this trap of “this is a great idea”. Just after someone said “brilliant!”, there was a noise neither of us recognized. I’m sure we’ll come to find out that this is the sound of any disposal income being sucked from our souls.

Lola T-440 on track, Ebay picture

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