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Mid-Ohio Test Day

So there is some stupid saying that knowing is half the battle, or whatever.  Well, knowing isn’t everything you gullible kids – you can know you’re gonna race, but if you don’t even get to the track, then knowing everything doesn’t matter.  That’s my rant about smart kids. Now back to my famous quote:

“If you never make it to the track, it is going to be hard to actually drive the race car to figure out if you screwed up when working on it all winter”

This post is cut short due to the facts outlined below:

First. The before. This is what a Ford F-250 bumper looks like, normally.

and after you’re doing 55mph and hit the brakes and:

the brake pedal goes to the floor
the truck and 8,000lbs trailer decide to stop stopping
you hit the construction trailer stopping in front of you on interstate at 40mph
you hit him again as you bounce his truck and trailer off your bumper
you finally come to a stop, pumping the brake pedal to the floor wondering what the hell happened…..

So, what did happen?

the rear hard-line (steel) from the front brake master-cylinder to the rear brakes ruptured (rusted and facing the roadway – maybe hit by a well-placed rock?). This caused all braking pressure to go right out that hole – spewing brake fluid everywhere and not letting the front brakes stop at all.

Lesson learned: When the brake pedal goes to the floor when driving a contraption weighing 13,000lbs, you should squeeze your ass cheeks together to prevent shitting yourself.  It is mildly scary. Inspect your brake lines!

All things done now – it is great that this happened on interstate in a panic stop behind another big truck+trailer rig, rather than thru a city street with pedestrians and small cars.
So, I never made it to Mid-Ohio.  I sat on the side of I-75 just out of Dayton and drank my celebratory beer (that was planned for when I had a successful track session).

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