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Blackhawk Double National, errr, 1-lap-single national for me

Since no one really told me that running my first national in a club ford was a completely bad idea, Friday morning I showed up at Blackhawk in this run group.

Discounting the 35 year old car (in theory, its only a few seconds slower than the newer Formula Fords when on the same tires) and moving to who I am racing with, the list of drivers could have been a copy-paste from the runoffs last year.  I am clearly out of my league.

Our group 4 as both Formula Ford and Formula Enterprise cars.  The FE cars are substantially faster on the straights, having much more power, but they corner similar to an FF (or as I heard at the track, corners like a pig, but I’ve never driven one…).  So around the twisty parts of the track, the FEs shouldn’t be too bad of a fast-moving-swarm.. and on the straights they have enough power to scoot around the FFs in short order.

Friday Practice & Qualifying

Well, all that stuff up there didn’t matter.  Since I am late making this blog post, and most folks will skip ahead to watch the video, I’ll summarize:

Practice goes well – scrub in some tires.. But realize that other drivers are much faster than me.

Car still does not like sticky tires (see prior post).
In qualifying, brand new Hardy Spicer U-joint declares jihad on itself.  Breaks.
Tooth fairy arrives.
Car is flat-towed off the track.
Replace U-joint.  Crank up car to warm up for next session.  Loud noises are now present.
Realize why Tooth Fairy was around earlier – she took a tooth from my 2nd gear.   What a bitch.
During the time from warm-up to grid, Nick replaces 2nd gear and reassembles transaxle (note; this takes me 3 hours to do in a garage what she does on the dirt at the track…)

I qualify at the back of the group, given I had 3 laps to do a whole lot of crappy driving….
and…. get out in the race and…. see here @ 1:25

Drive axle breaks completely in half!  Apparently, while concentrating on the tooth fairy breaking my gears.. the axle fairy was doing her magic on a 1″ thick piece of steel. Oh well.

That was the end of the weekend.  No more nationals or sticky tires for me 🙁

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