Over our heads

Sometime after purchasing the car and now, Don has realized two things:

A) The car is most likely not in race-ready shape.

and 2) Mike has horrible judgment when it comes to shiny/fast/tasty things

Long story short (or, I just can’t remember the story), I’ll fix up the Formula Ford and race it this season, while Don races his Formula First and Formula Vee.  At the time, its a wonderful idea – we can share on transport, hotels, we can crew for each other, and some other benefits like spending weekends in South Beloit, IL and stuff.

Here’s a picture of how the car looked… No, the roll-hoop isnt painted rust, that’s actually rust.  Rust, come to find out, is not good on race cars.

So the work begins.   Don makes a list, which quickly turns into an Excel file that has 83 rows and 12 weekends worth of work.. And, in the same email, he throws in a race schedule of 8 races from April to November.  A tad optimistic, I say.

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