Buy parts rather than make them, what a concept!

When we got the car, the left lower trailing arm for the rear suspension was a tad bit, uhm, bent . Take alook just to the left of the “S” in this picture… It was bent just a few degrees, and it seems the car had been realigned with the bend factored in.

The car could have probably run with the old arm, but, given the surprises we’ve found on the other suspension components it was best to get a new one. A month ago, I would have just drive with the bent arm, but now that impending doom on a race track is 3 days away, I’m a bit more liberal with the things that might break and jettison my ass into a wall.

The original idea was to get some chromoly tubing and 10 hours of free time, and make a new tube. However, we’re wising up that sometimes we should just pay someone to do somethings. Given that the car needs to e on a racetrack in 4 days, it was a wise choice..

Yves @ Historic Race Car,, (luckily 5 minutes away in Crystal Lake) was able to make a new arm in short order for us… And, relative to other parts recently purchased, this was cheap (insert new picture here).

We also had a poor situation with the exhaust (see the above picture, that silver looking debacle has more holes than a pepper shaker).  The current exhaust system on the car was a bit old… rusty might be another word for it. Once we determined that the popping and richness from running around the shop was due to the ‘holy’ exhaust, it was time to replace it. The problem is, “time” to replace ended up being Friday afternoon when we needed the replacement exhaust Monday. Go buy stock in Fedex if this continues… $167 to ship the darn thing.

Here’s how it looks – pretty darn nice (made by Porter Racing in California)

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