New tow and track car

You might chalk it up to another impulse buy of a vehicle, but, we waited an entire day before committing to buying the latest automobile… Don found a 1994 27′ RV near his house for a real decent price.

At first I was skeptical of A) Don finding any more cars to buy (given the “race ready” Formula Ford find) and 2) throwing more money into this “hobby”.  Well, apparently, Don should go into sales and I should buy some waterfront property in Kansas.

We each are 1/2 proud owners of this shiney RV with 30k 10mpg miles on it. Spectacular.  It even has floral print window valences. Bling!


There is some logic in saving money by not staying at hotels. However, we’ve yet to whip up an excel spreadsheet on this, because I’m not sure the Saturday-afternoon math we did on the phone works out.  More to follow. Or not. I think we’ll brush this subject under the rug.

The biggest benefits of having this 7.3liter-studio-apartment-on-wheels is the abilty to store all our tents, chairs, tools, equipment, etc in one place (lots of storage compartments on the outside bottom of the RV), as well as being able to stay on the track – eliminating the 6am drives from scummy hotels after taking showers wearing flip-flops to keep the ecoli at bay.  This will also come in handy when I cannot make my mortgage payments due to racing expenses.

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