Lola prep for Firecracker Regional

The last few weeks have been busy, both under and around the Formula Ford, and with our paypal accounts and AmEx cards… Lots of things on our list to fix, and some new candidates popped up.

In summary, our accomplishments include:

  • Installed new Tilton XLT starter
  • Changed gears to be more appropriate for Blackhawk Farms than the last time (and found out there was a 17/34 1st gear in there.. no wonder it took off like a rocket. That’s a 2:1 ratio. zoix!)
  • Learned that new starter was not disengaging the pinion gear from the flywheel
  • Uninstall new Tilton XLT starter
  • Shim starter, reinstall. Works splendidly.
  • Changed oil
  • New plugs for hot summer temperatures (Champion C57’s, I recall)
  • Bled brakes & clutch
  • Mounted Hoosier R60s on spare rear rims, after cracking a rim in April
  • Rewired entire car after frying battery (maybe starter? maybe solenoid?)
  • Replaced some various hoses, fittings, and in general tidied up the car
  • This should be all we need to run a stress-free (err, less-stress) weekend at Blackhawk this Friday-Sunday.

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