history of my Hawke DL-12 (the old car)

Here is what I know about the history of my 1975 Hawke DL-12 Formula Ford….Supposedly chassis #2, however I am unsure of this. You can see some other Hawke history here – http://www.vintagegarage.com/hregs.html

This is a work in progress, like most things that I do. During the winter I’ll update with history I can dig up from old log books, etc.  I also have some Hawke literature I’ll be posting.

1975: Mark Davison purchased the car, new, from Doug Shierson (retail price, $7,895)

Mark Davison, 1975ish

Mark Davison, 1975ish

Mark Davison on track

Mark Davison on track

~1976: Mark sells car through Cavanaugh Racing (Ambler, PA)

1980, Feb 3: P. X (cannot read name.. only initials) sells car to Michael Koloshion for $3,500

Need to fill in logbook history here!

Watkins Glen, 2001

Watkins Glen, 2001

2002-2004 – Erik Shepard rebuilds entire car

2005-2007 – Erik Shepard races car in Northeast

2007, September – Tod Powers purchases car

2008 Season – Tod races car in Northeast

2008, Nov 21: I purchased car and bring home to Dayton, Ohio

Unloading car at home

Unloading car at home

2009 Season Summary:

  • April – O’Reilly Motorsports Park, Indiana
  • May – Grattan Raceway, Michigan
  • July – Road America, Wisconsin
  • August – Milwaukee Mile, Wisconsin
  • October – Blackhawk Farms Raceway, Illinois

2009, Nov: Engine rebuilt by Curtis Farley (Dyno results)

  • Tilton lightweight clutch
    SCAT Crankshaft
    New intake manifold

2009, Dec:

2010, March:

  • Another set of Panasport Ultralites with new R35’s
  • New R60s to replace the 25+ heat cycle tires from last year

2010, April:

  • New U-joints (Hardy Spicer 1200) after snapping one at MCSCC event.